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Lod Cave, lost camera

A songthaew carries eight people comfortably in the back – as comfortable as you can be, on padded bench seats in a covered 4WD utility vehicle. Our first stop on … Continue reading

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Elephants are not for riding

Playing tourist in Chiang Mai, you can’t help but notice the large numbers of companies touting elephant encounters. After observing the larger African elephant while in – well, Africa – … Continue reading

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Khao San-ity Road

The novice Thai traveller, arriving for the first time at Khao San Road, is hit by over-stimulation. There is much to take in, and soon you find your humble but … Continue reading

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Lonely in Paradise

I like this photo, where you only see half our boatman and half his coconut drink. Because my point is, you only see half the picture. What you see in … Continue reading

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