The quiet joys and foibles of solo living.

Mojo wrangling (Lockdown 2.0 week 3.5)

As I write this, Victoria’s lockdown has been just extended for another 6 weeks in a Stage 4 ‘State of Disaster’.

We’d reached the halfway mark of Lockdown 2.0, and I was counting down the days and weeks, even while cautioning myself that it wouldn’t come to a magical end at the 6 week mark. Now I’ve really gotta reset, take it one day at a time and live in the present, or I’ll go bananas.

But what of the past week and a half?

A smattering of freelance work arrived, and so did my new cloth masks, ordered from a local maker. I then discovered the relative hindrance of breathing through three layers of fabric. Yay. Gonna use my bandana-style scarf for my solitary walks, and use these and the disposable variety for shopping and interaction.

cloth face masks

New masks and an Indian fabric carry-bag to transport a spare. (I had an ear-elastic break once: spare = good idea)


On the domestic front, I finally managed – after days of enquiry phone call fails – to buy a new oven from Appliances Online, and get it scheduled for pre-Stage 4 installation. That’s an epic win in this time of my procrastination and reluctance to spend.

Speaking of State of Disaster, you should see my carpet.  My Dyson V6 vacuum cleaner head ceased to function some time ago. A common problem apparently for those with long hair, as the rotating brush gets tangled and needs to be cleared constantly. In spite of diligent cleaning, hair eventually gets behind the mechanism. Thank you Mr YouTube for showing me the hows and whys and the T8 screwdriver I need. I cycled to Bunnings on a sunny Saturday and picked up a rachet set.

But now I’m paralysed with inaction – what if my fumbly fingers are too weak to turn the T8 in this tight spot?  I don’t want to know just yet. The dust bunnies gather, and thank goodness no visitors are allowed.  Pro-crass-tin-AY-shin….

During my daily walks, I discovered new roads in my neighbourhood, taking pleasure from types of dwellings and what people have done with their frontages. I especially like a sunny porch. Envious really, as I don’t even have a balcony.

home frontage

The kind of place I find aesthetically pleasing.

Oh – I found a solution to my cold feet. My 4-season sleeping bag! With a heated wheat bag down the end, it’s a very cosy set-up for desk-time.


I continued to re-watch Downton Abbey while listening along to podcast Up Yours Downstairs.  I finished watching all of After Life, which was the perfect blend of comedy and pathos. In fact, it was truly moving and made me cry as well as chuckle. Ricky Gervais’s work goes from strength to strength. He’s a humanitarian and a genius.

I watched movie A Simple Favour. I feel Anna Kendricks is often typecast but for a reason – she’s so good at that type.

A re-watch of Friends with Money. I must be into friendship movies at the moment – I also have Desperados bookmarked for this coming week.

And – for the first time – Dracula starring Christopher Lee. Can’t believe it’s taken me this long to watch such a classic! (possibly because horror is not my genre of choice)

On DVD, I’m plugging doggedly through the start of Mad Men Season 3 – it’s kinda losing my interest at the moment. And I’m re-watching the ever-delightful Pushing Daisies in which the delectable Lee Pace is not allowed to touch his beloved. Seem relevant?

In spite of my firm intentions at the end of week 2, I still haven’t been wildly creative, apart from perfecting the art of procrastination. Once the morning sun disappears, my place becomes colder and darker and I can’t be bothered starting anything.  Also, once freelance tasks are completed and I sit down to some creative writing, I usually end up down a rabbit hole of “faffing about online”.  Then I write off the rest of the day, thinking may as well start afresh tomorrow. After all, I have days and days and days ahead of me to fill.

But I want to dispel this mindset. So I set myself a challenge – a “laptop-free weekend”. I picked up some gesso from Bunnings and spent a happy Sunday priming surfaces ready to be painted on with my new acrylic paints.

Ah ha!  Hold me accountable to that, blogosphere!



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