The quiet joys and foibles of solo living.



So who is Kez?

Kiwi resident in Melbourne, Australia since 1999.

Sister to two, aunty to three, friend and freelance shoulder to cry on.

World traveler, city-explorer, nature admirer.

Night owl, creative introvert, solo dweller.

Artist, writer, editor, zine-creator.

Sometimes runner, badminton-starter,  ex-gogo dancer, tango novice.

Avid reader, movie-goer. Music is my boyfriend.

Main fandoms: Tolkien, Marvel, Saga comic, GoT,  Buffy / Firefly.


And what is the state of Kezlandia?

I’m an early 50s Gen-Xer, living joyfully in my small apartment home. It’s my sanctuary, and repository for a motley but loved collection of ‘stuff’, all artfully crammed into my limited space.

On this personal blog, you’ll find my praise of objects and space, my musings on living solo and PAB – (personal alone behaviour);  in fact I really enjoy getting into the minutia of the tiny details and rituals we attend to day after day and which are the actual stuff of life, for all that we may dream big.

I may branch out into my doings and reviewings around Melbourne. We’ll see how that goes.

You’ll also find a bit of anecdotal travel writing from an earlier incarnation of this blog space (because, why not recycle digital real estate!) One day I may create a dedicated ‘part-time travel’ blog… in the meantime they’ll remain parked here.

I would love to be part of an online community of solo-living peeps, childfree or empty nest women, and quirkyalones. Please join in, and contact me if you have a blog.

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