The quiet joys and foibles of solo living.

Saturday Morning is Me Time


Bedside (lo)

What’s your favourite time of the week?

Most people will say the weekend, of course. Some prefer Friday night. Relatively few peeps favour Sunday night as their best time. Unless one lives near a Sunday Roast-offering public house, along with a bunch of gregarious mates to meet there weekly.  Oh great, now I’m hungering for gravy and roast spuds. Let’s move on.

I’m no different really. But my favourite time of week, without a doubt, is the waking hours of Saturday morning, starting around 7:00 to 7:30am. The deep contentment of waking naturally sans alarm clock, and hazily remembering it ‘s not a work day. I slide blissfully into a half-hour doze before waking properly.

Sometimes I might lie awake musing on things I’m going to do that day, or remembering a dream, or thinking about things that took place on Friday night. But eventually I’ll have to rouse myself to use the bathroom. If I had a dream that I can remember, I’ll also jot this in my dream diary before it fades.

Then comes the best bit  – I make a cup of New Zealand Breakfast tea in a large mug and take it back to bed, where I’ll sit propped against my large soft Ikea cushion and read for a good hour or so.  Reading in bed with a cuppa, and the morning light gently filtered through the lime green curtains on my two bedroom windows (it being a corner room). That’s my happy place.

At any given time, I might have four or five quite different books in a pile on the bedside table, and I’m probably reading all of them spontaneously; it depends on my mood which I’ll pick up.

After about an hour, I tend to put the book down and just stare at the art on the opposite wall, daydreaming for a bit. If I’ve been reading one of my past travel diaries (often in my bedside pile), I’ll drift further into those memories. Sometimes I come up with my best creative ideas, and I’ll eventually be driven out of bed to write them down. This blog post, for instance, would have germinated on such a morning.

We’re often told we need more ‘doing nothing’ time in this nutty fast-paced world, and that disconnecting from social media etc is how to reconnect with ourselves and keep mentally balanced.  Saturday mornings have become this sacred time and space for me, thanks to another personal rule that I’m pretty good at sticking with. No Screens In Bed.  My phone and tablet live in the living room, where the phone is on “life-support” overnight and usually offline or switched off entirely. Sometimes I barely acknowledge its existence before midday.

As a person who has had to contend with anxiety, my phone is the portal of certain anxieties, which many will relate to.  That’s a whole other post – I’ll write more about that later.  So, I remain disconnected on Saturdays until my reading and thinking time is done.  Plenty of time to engage later, and indeed during the rest of the week.

Sunday morning? Still good, but nowhere near as having that two days ahead of me.

For those of us who live alone, carving out ‘me time’ routines without interruption is one of the beautiful things that we can more easily achieve with our lifestyle; especially when at the beck and call of a busy workplace during the week.  When I’m feeling down because I’m not coupled, ‘forgot to have children’, or am missing the company of friends and family,  my silver lining is to remember that I have at my disposal more of that thing that seems in such short supply: me time.



5 comments on “Saturday Morning is Me Time

  1. Brianna Kenzie
    January 19, 2020

    I like Wednesdays…I have the whole day to myself for the most part. I get up, have 2 cups of coffee and spend it doing what I love to do…sitting with my two cats daydreaming about all my “when it happens” things… And then I dive into writing. Getting lost in my creation, in my story, in my own little world 🙂


    • Kez
      February 3, 2020

      Ahh! I’m envious, I’d love to have a day to myself in the middle of the week. I’d be SO productive! Cats are good creative companions as well.


  2. Sasha Cagen
    February 5, 2020

    Nice post Kerry!


  3. Gina
    February 8, 2020

    I love the possibilities stretching before me on a Friday night, even if I do nothing more than cook something time-consuming and delicious for the freezer, or go poke around a thrift store for the “perfect” piece of secondhand art for my wall (or yet another pair of broken-in cowboy boots to add to my collection…)


    • Kez
      February 15, 2020

      You know, I am going to do a ‘collections’ post at some stage and I’ll be wanting to see this cowboy boots collection! (hmm, must find out if images can be added to comments…)


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