The quiet joys and foibles of solo living.

She was in Paris, I was in Paros

Most people remember what they were doing when they heard of the death of Princess Diana. I remember distinctly: I was at a market stall on the Greek island of … Continue reading

April 3, 2016 · 1 Comment

Rubbing shoulders with the rich and desperate

  Going to the Grand Casino at Monte Carlo seemed quite a posh thing to do, for a bunch of rowdy Contiki travellers. Not a common backpacker destination, of course … Continue reading

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A sense of perspective

I’ve always prioritised the financing of my travel adventures over the funding of home renovations. Yet my scuzzy kitchen counter top was plaguing me. In 2010, I’d been saving flat … Continue reading

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The colour of Madurai

In the Tamil Nadu city of Madurai,  southern India, I was out on my own – my travelling companion and I having parted ways for the moment. On my first day, … Continue reading

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A nice lie down

Tell you what. It’s pretty good to have a flat-lying eight hour sleep during a long haul to London. No I wasn’t flying first or business, and I hadn’t selected … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Hippodrome

Hippopotami kill more people in Africa than do the carnivores with sharp teeth and claws, or beasties with excessive hornage. I’m sure you’re heard this, right? The highly territorial hippo … Continue reading

September 28, 2015 · 1 Comment

Dish Jockey

“The prawns are like toys!” was the amused observation of Alberto the Colombian chef, as he moved the hapless crustaceans’ tiny joints to demonstrate. I was delighted by this. I … Continue reading

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Khao San-ity Road

The novice Thai traveller, arriving for the first time at Khao San Road, is hit by over-stimulation. There is much to take in, and soon you find your humble but … Continue reading

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Nude Sailing

Now that I’ve got your attention 😉 Yes it’s pretty isn’t it. In the background is the Tyn Church in Prague’s Nove Mestro – Old Town Square. People have asked … Continue reading

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Lonely in Paradise

I like this photo, where you only see half our boatman and half his coconut drink. Because my point is, you only see half the picture. What you see in … Continue reading

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